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THE CHALK FESTIVAL by Unwhite it and Jérémy Besset

The origin of the Festival lies in our meeting with the artist Jérémy Besset. He regularly adorned, as soon as the Sun was there, the streets of Mouans-Sartoux with positive and colorful calligraphic phrases to the delight of passers-by, young and old.
Our exchanges quickly became friendly and the artist entrusted us with one of the projects he wanted to see take shape: organize a day where everyone could draw on the ground with chalks which would be provided free to the public.
Festival de la craie
Festival de la craie
This Festival would break down all barriers like that of age but would also be a joyful bridge between the public and the artists. Everyone would thus participate in a collective work and would easily fall back into the wonder of childhood.

The concept: fun, creativity and accessibility

The chalk festival is an event in its own right. It is accessible to all and free of charge. Everyone becomes a street artist for a day: this moment of creativity allows you to rediscover your child’s soul. In the midst of works by the general public, invited urban artists perform on the ground: the chalk festival becomes a gateway and breaks down the barriers between street-artists and artists of one day. Freedom to create without judgment: we made the decision with Jérémy Besset to exclude any form of competition to preserve the collective and creative spirit of the event.

Systematic success

The chalk festival as we understand it (6 editions) has always been a success and has already aroused the interest of the whole of France with videos viewed thousands of times and shared massively on social networks. Families arrive in large numbers as soon as the chalk distribution stand opens. We regularly find drawing on the ground the parents who had assured us that they would only come for the children. Thus, the chalk festival systematically leaves a joyful memory in people’s minds and promotes benevolent and creative exchanges between citizens.
Festival de la craie

The importance of involving local and national urban artists

The main mission of the association is to promote urban art on the French Riviera: the chalk festival allows everyone to become a street artist for a day. Urban artists on the French Riviera are numerous, and at the national level, many have replaced spray and brushes with chalk, thus accentuating the ephemeral nature of their art, which is already very present in urban art. The association Unwhite it insists on the fact that it is imperative to include local artists in this process and as far as possible to involve in “guest” a street artist specializing in the use of chalk.

The establishment of a chalk festival

Nothing is simpler than setting up a first chalk festival but what will give it an extra cachet is the involvement of local associations to ensure in particular the safety of participants if there is and why not different animations in “urban” mode (music, dance, mandala workshop etc.). The association Unwhite it ensures the supply of chalks, the holding of the chalk distribution stand and awareness of urban art, the link with the street artists who will come to animate the day and of course, help you on all levels organizational because of its experience.

The choice of chalks

After extensive research, the Unwhite it association chose a chalk supplier based on eco-responsibility and price.
Our partner provides us with boxes of 6 chalks packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard. 

Festival de la craie

The Chalk Festival of Mouans-Sartoux (organizer): Chalk what you like!

It was in May 2018, in Mouans-Sartoux, that the 1st chalk festival called “Chalk what you like! Has taken place. It brought together more than 400 artists, young and old, in the streets and squares of the “old village” for a marathon of creativity, fun, union. The edition was so successful that it was again acclaimed by the public and by the city of Saint-Raphaël who then asked us to help them set up the system on its territory.

The Chalk Festival of Saint-Raphaël (partner)

We are very pleased with the trust placed by the city of Saint-Raphaël as partners: at the rate of 2 editions per year, it invites citizens to come and create free of charge alongside urban artists such as Jérémy Besset or Floya Jam. Each edition is an opportunity to see more and more participants: the public is there! The artistic associations have been able to appropriate the subject perfectly and make their contribution to make this day an ever more significant festival.
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