Who are us ?


Created in June 2017, the association Unwhite it. aims to promote contemporary art and more particularly the urban arts including the street-art and graffiti scenes on the French Riviera. We set up events and devices that support the research and creation work of urban artists and promote their art to an initiated and uninitiated audience.

In just 2 years, the association has managed to federate members (20 in 2019) and regular volunteers (about ten) and punctual volunteers thanks in particular to the various Street-Art Cafes organized every 1st Saturday of the month throughout the Alpes-Maritimes, at various chalk festivals like the one in Mouans-Sartoux and of course the MUR of Mouans-Sartoux which has become an essential place for street-art on the French Riviera. To make our events accessible to everyone, the association makes it a point of honor to keep them free for the public.

A word from the president:

Years of travels have allowed me to participate in several Street Art events in different countries. Having taken up residence on the French Riviera, I realized that the different artists and enthusiasts were too isolated from each other; which results in an overly meager supply in terms of events. With Unwhite it. , we try to fix that.

Bondue Christophe