They support us :


Local made acrylic paints for artists.


Le Délice des Filles

In the heart of the old village of Mouans-Sartoux, spend a delicious moment at Le Délice des Filles for a drink or an evening.
Unwhite it. organizes his regular meetings “Café Street-Art” there for a good reason: the terrace in lounge atmosphere allows you to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of the village while sipping a lemonade (bio) comfortably installed.

Le Délice des Garçons

Located opposite to Le Délice des Filles, Le Délice des Garçons offers you homemade burgers prepared with love and fresh products. The top? They offers a vegetarian alternative and a vegan alternative and at Unwhite it. we appreciate this open-mindedness.

Artphotograff Gallery

Located right by MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in Nice, we invite you to visit Artphotograff Gallery where Christiane will present you, between others, the artwork of the streetartist Faben.
You’ll enjoy to see, through Christianne’s eyes, talented and passionate photograph, the street art with a particular preference for graffiti art.

Ozeki Shop

Ozekishop is a structure intended for the marketing, promotion, dissemination and representation of the graffiti practice.


Specializing in upcycling, Elodie builds and paints artworks, furniture and objects in cardboard and recycled materials.

Ville de Mouans-Sartoux

Street-Art Magazine

Collaborative magazine of reports on the street art and graffiti scene. Through their articles wrote by passionate people, they revisits the close links that urban art has with the street around the world.

Move In Silence

Located in St Raphaël, the association Move in Silence is engaged in the promotion of Contemporary Art and more particularly Urban Art.