le mur de mouans-sartoux

Street-art French Riviera : Le MUR de Mouans-Sartoux by Unwhite it !

Le MUR de Mouans-Sartoux is a project initiated by the association Unwhite it. We offer urban artists, on a regular basis, the opportunity to work on a 2.7m by 6.5m billboard situated Alley Lucie Aubrac, in the heart of the town of Mouans-Sartoux (France / French Riviera)

The origin

Logo Assocition Le MUR 2020
The M.U.R. (Modulable, Urban, Reactive) association, founded in March 2003 around the artist Jean Faucheur, is engaged in the promotion of contemporary art and more particularly of urban art. Started in the heart of the 11th district of Paris, the M.U.R. borrows from advertising industry, using it’s format and some of it’s styles. Since then, several towns have developed the format.
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Implementation of the project in the French Riviera

Le MUR de Mouans-Sartoux is part of this development and is the twentieth MUR in France and Belgium and the first and only MUR in the Alpes-Maritimes. It will become an essential part of the artistic scene in the region. On a regular basis, the association gives the opportunity to urban artists to express themselves on a ‘billboard’. They produce short-lived artworks that will be covered by another after a few weeks. Each artist is free to use their own techniques, mediums, influences (e.g. Acrylic, ink, aerosol, collages or live performances) which makes it possible for the public to enjoy a wide range of work. As a sort of open-air museum, the MUR will create a bridge between the neighborhood and an artistic approach that is often poorly known: street-art.

The town of Mouans-Sartoux was an obvious choice, given it’s openness to street-art and it’s cultural life, such as the famous Book Festival. Located on Allée Lucie Aubrac in Mouans-Sartoux, the MUR is in the heart of the city and its activities (close to the main car park, bowling alley, La Strada cinema and Aimée Legall school ) which will help it’s promotion throughout the department.


Allée Lucie Aubrac 06370 Mouans-Sartoux

(Behind the Post Office and in front of CCAS)

Line up 2024

  • February 3 : Performance n°31 : Mister Copy
  • April 12 : Performance n°32 : Djoulay La Papaye
  • June 14 : Performance n°33 : Williann
  • October 5: Performance n°34 : Izzy Izvne
  • December 13: Performance n°35 : Ben Caillou

Video review of Mr Copy’s performance:

Past Performance

31 Mr Copy

Mr Copy

January 2024
Performance n°31

30 Brian Caddy

Brian Caddy

December 2023
Performance n°30

29 Kesadi


October 2023
Performance n°29

28 Deuz


August 2023
Performance n°28

27 Taina


June 2023
Performance n°27

26 Kitsa


APRIL 2023
Performance n°26

25 Molera


Performance n°25

24 Hazul


December 2022
Performance n°24

23 Kitsune


October 2022
Performance n°23

22 Mr Kas

Mr Kas

August 2022
Performance n°22

21 Tina De Rubia

Tina de Rubia

June 2022
Performance n°21

20 Horor


April 2022
Performance n°20

19 Swed Oner

Swed Oner

February 2022
Performance n°19

18 Daco


December 2021
Performance n°18

17 Sitou


October 2021
Performance n°17

16 Mariana PTKS

Mariana PTKS

August 2021
Performance n°16

15 Refreshink


June 2021
Performance n°15

14 Chika


April 2021
Performance n°14

13 Primal


February 2021
Performance n°13

12 Anna Conda

Anna Conda

December 2020
Performance n°12

11 Parvati


october 2020
Performance n°11

10 Tim Marsh

Tim Marsh

August 2020
Performance n°10

09 Asur


February 2020
Performance n°9

08 Wanjah


december 2019
Performance n°8

07 Olivia Paroldi

Olivia Paroldi

October 2019
Performance n°7

06bis Pleks


September 2019
Performance n°6bis

06 Kotek


July 2019
Performance n°6

05 Ardif


April 2019
Performance n°5

04 Anthea

Anthea Missy

February 2019
Performance n°4

03 Stew


December 2018
Performance n°3

02 Matthew Dawn

Matthew Dawn

September 2018
Performance n°2

01 Jeremy Besset

Jérémy Besset

July 2018
Performance n°1


If you want to help us with this project and be part of the Unwhite it team, we would be happy to hear from you.
Go to Help us.


Applications for 2022 are closed. If you wish to propose your candidacy for the MUR of Mouans-Sartoux for 2023, it is imperative to:

Indicate here where we can enjoy your work online.
For future communication between the association and the artist.
Please indicate an amount including tax.
Le MUR de Mouans-Sartoux welcomes 6 artists each year with a performance every 2 months. Programming is subject to application. Artists wishing to create a work on the MUR are invited to complete the form available on the Unwhite it association website at: www.unwhiteit.com/fr/lemur before November 15 of the current year. These candidacies are submitted to a vote by the members of the association. At the end of this vote, 4 artists are selected.
The vote:
During the general assembly of the association which takes place every year in December, each member receives a file presenting all the artists who sent their candidacy in due form. They are invited to select 5 artists.
The results:
1) The 4 artists with the most votes are automatically selected.
2) The following 4 artists, in terms of votes, will be offered to participate in the "Public choice" action for the performance in December.
The association gives each year, between March and June, the opportunity for everyone to vote for the artist he wishes to welcome to the MUR in Mouans-Sartoux in December. Voting is done digitally, via a dedicated page on the association's website, and physically, via a ballot available during events organized by the association.
3) A last artist is selected by the members of the board.
The selected artists will be invited to send their availability for the coming year. A pre-planning will then be carried out and will be sent back to the artists for validation.
For artists submitted to the public vote. If their availability does not allow them to participate in the performance for the month of December, it is automatically the artist who then arrives in terms of members' votes who takes the place. And so on until there are 4 artists available.
Unless otherwise indicated by the artist, each unsuccessful application is automatically renewed the following year.
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